How to Get a Living Room Ready to Entertain

How to Get a Living Room Ready to Entertain in Portage, MI Through Lighting and Seating
In this article, Design Details – proudly serving Portage, Kalamazoo, and Mattawan, Michigan (MI) – is here to tell you how to get a living room ready to entertain in Portage, MI. Contact us today for an interior design consultation.
Living rooms today are one of the few places we fill with furniture and artwork chosen predominantly for their aesthetics, rather than for their comfort and function. Attractive furniture, especially large pieces selected as focal points, might dominate the space, leaving even larger living rooms with less space to move around and fewer opportunities for people to do both of the activities they love to do at parties: mingle and find a nice spot for an intimate conversation. Contact Design Details today to learn more about how to get a living room ready to entertain in Portage, MI.

Your guests might notice how nicely you’ve decorated your home, or they might remember how great the food tasted, but great parties start and end with having fun, catching up with old friends and making new ones. Make it happen at your next party by creating spaces where people feel comfortable relaxing, settling into conversations, and moving around without getting the way of your other guests.

If you had entertaining in mind when you selected your living room furniture, a simple arrangement might be all that’s required to ensure the space has a good flow for people mingling or moving around to find a snack or a drink. Decluttering can also help with flow. If you have a lamp on every table and a vase or houseplant in the corners, note that these things might impede movement and eye contact in an entertainment setting. Consider moving at least half of the decorations and fixtures out of the room during a party, leaving enough for adequate lighting.

Create multiple seating areas for groups of two or four guests, if possible. If you have two sofas in your living room, consider placing them back to back in the center of the room and flank each sofa with a pair of chairs. Club chairs and side chairs are classics, but you can also pull in upholstered chairs from other rooms. Position the chairs around small tables that won’t force guests to shout or lean in to hold a conversation.

If your living room doubles as a TV room or den, resist the temptation to surround the TV with seating, unless, of course, you’re hosting a Super Bowl party. Guests who need to be encouraged to break the ice might otherwise find themselves parked in front of the TV. Similar logic applies if you have a feature fireplace. Mingling guests should be able to enjoy the fire as much as anyone seated in the room.

Clear your counter space, end tables, and consoles of everyday items and decorations so that you can spread food and drinks evenly around the room. This arrangement helps to prevent the tendency for guests to congregate in one spot. Consider the same strategy in your kitchen, especially if it is close to your living room and will be a second gathering place during the party.

Good lighting will help smaller rooms feel more spacious, so keep the window treatments open and ensure there is enough light spread evenly around the room. Bright overhead lighting should be dimmed, if possible, or turned off, however, to avoid making your guests feel like they are on display.

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